My mother in law, Rhonda, was just visiting about a week ago and made the comment about how I should blog about my adventures with Pinterest.  I am a stay at home mom with our gorgeous 9 month old daughter, and I’ve been becoming more and more ambitious in the kitchen and in the home. Whether it be making homemade bread or making little keepsakes as Ava grows, I have been roaming the Pinterest world looking for new things to attempt.

Here is the goal with my new blog and hopefully a successful project to keep going for 2013, I will be trying to attempt a new DIY Project once a week and two or three recipes a week as well. I will keep track of the successes and the failures and whether or not it is worth the time put into it! Because let’s be real…our time is valuable and who wants to waste it on something that won’t even end up turning out with putting all of our hard work into it??? On top of this I will be keeping track of my adventures with Ava and all the new things I get to watch her learn 🙂

So the Pinterest Mommy Project has begun!

52 DIY Projects and 150 recipes

Let the fun start 🙂


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