Where is Waldo?!? (At least that’s how I feel!)


Okay so it’s definitely been awhile since I blogged. What can I say other then life happened? We went on a weekend vacation to see some friends we hadn’t seen since we moved and had a great time! On the way home…not so much. Ava and I came home with a stomach flu bug. FUN…not. I fought it off within 24 hours. Ava not so much…so we spent all of last week “recovering.” 
So now that we are physically recovered and back to our normal selves…time to play catch up! I may have not been blogging BUT I have kept up on my projects! 
I did try out making homemade body wash and I tried out a new shower cleaner! So I’ll be writing two separate posts on that.
I’m still debating on how to go about posting recipes. I’ve been thinking about just posting about the overall “rating” in our household and the actual recipe. I keep a list of recipes that we liked and when I get a chance I go and copy the recipe down to put in my recipe box. 
What do you all think?

One thought on “Where is Waldo?!? (At least that’s how I feel!)

  1. I like the idea of you posting the overall rating of the dish and then the recipe and steps you took to make it. Perhaps give an opinion on how to make it better if it was not beloved by you or Todd.

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