Pesky Plastic Bags…Project #2

Now I technically had gotten this done before I “started” the blog, but for all you have inquired…here’s the recipe to reclaiming that space back where these things seem to clone themselves! **Forewarning…it is slightly tedious…I had Ava trying to “help” in her own special way so it took a little longer then usual!**

So first flatten all your bags and get them nice and folded


Next fold them all in half, like so. I did mine with the Walmart sign out. I had mine grouped in piles of 12. I wasn’t sure how it would do with more then that. **plus if you do use a Lysol container it might get a little “crowded”**


After you have them all folded in half put them all out in a row but overlapping each other the very first one needs to have the handles pointing up (it’s your starting point) and then start rolling!


Rolling was kind of hard, but the air that is in the bags will let out as you roll it. But when you get them all rolled up…it should look like this


I didn’t make the fancy container. I was just happy to have a whole cupboard back!

Now I will say that since I have done this pin I have had to use some plastic bags and it does WORK! It leaves you with the next one ready for when you need it. So much easier and much more compact so you can have that space for something else! Did I mention Todd made fun of me? He does it lovingly of course, but he has not complained about the fact that they are not falling out of the cupboard!! So I would say SUCCESS!


I found this pin and it led me to this website


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