The Idea began…


This ecard cracks me up every time because it’s so unbelievably TRUE! Granted I love wine, but I am not a huge drinker since we had gotten pregnant back in June 2011, our daughter was born at the end of March 2012 and I have been breastfeeding ever since. BUT I do love Pinterest! I love cooking and I am really enjoying making things homemade. I have been on a cooking kick since July and let me tell you how that came about…

Todd had himself convinced that I did not know how to cook…at all. Sure, I could boil water, make pasta, make pancakes from a box, and I might make cookies here and there, but I hadn’t shown any interest on actually cooking. We had been together over a year at this point and I am almost positive that he believed that he was going to starve OR we were constantly going to be ordering out.

So at this point, Todd made me a bet that I could not make 30 meals in a row that he liked. I took this as a challenge and since I do NOT like being wrong at any point and time, I set out to prove him wrong. Now people might say he tricked me into getting in the kitchen and/or he got the better end of the deal, but I do like to give him the credit of opening up the door to how much I absolutely like LOVE cooking and baking. He probably would tell people that he created a little monster because I have been a baking and cooking machine since then and Pinterest has opened up the doors to “recipe heaven.”

I guess this is where my “project” ended up coming from…mainly because I am constantly experimenting with things on Pinterest, so now it was time to figure out how to turn it into a hobby. Plus, I do like sharing the successes of the pins because I am almost positive 90% of my female friends are on Pinterest, so it makes it even more fun. So Todd’s mom, Rhonda, and I had been chatting away about recipes on Pinterest. She then started telling me how I needed to start blogging about the things I make…and that is where this whole thing started AND just in time for New Years. What a way to start the year!

Although, I have decided to no longer call “New Year’s Resolutions”….well, resolutions. I like the idea of calling them “projects.” The word “resolution” by definition is the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action,method, procedure, etc. found at here. I don’t like saying I “determined” my action, so I’ve decided to enlist them all as “projects,” an ongoing process that I will be continually working on through out the year. So my other “project” is to get into a running routine and run a 5k by April. Todd and I both decided we would try to find a 5k to enter into that month. BUT the biggest event (in my opinion) is Ava’s first birthday at the end of March!! I’m so excited and sad that she is getting so close to her first birthday but I am enjoying every minute of watching her grow!

Anyways…that is how this “project” came about…now hang on for the ride!